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Meet the Team

The Limb Difference Foundation started back with The Lucky Fin Project, a group created to support the limb-different communities and the parents of limb-different children. Back in January 2022, Jen started a biweekly Zoom space with another limb different friend. Through the connection, conversation, and support of others, we have created the Limb Difference Foundation. 

The Limb Difference Foundation offers support, advocacy, and educational support for the limb different community and their support networks. The ability to connect and support others that are like us allowed us to continue to emerge and grow in our acceptance of our limb difference.

Shannon and Jen both were born with congenital limb differences. We both are on our own journeys of celebrating, advocating, and working through some of the difficulties that come with limb differences. We hope this space allows you to feel welcomed and supported. 

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