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Zoom Meetings

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Connection and support is how the Limb Difference Foundation started. Come join us for our FREE bi-weekly virtual meetings on Zoom for adults with limb differences. 

As a reminder, in these zoom meetings we strive to have FUN and create a space where we:

• Assume good intentions

• Give some space to the softer voices

• Listen to understand and acknowledge

• Step forward, step back

• Be an active listener and engager

• Respect diverse experiences, and acknowledge that everyone is on a different journey.

• Raise a different limb if you have a question

• Strive for self-reflection/honesty

Still have questions? Not sure if this is the right space for you? Never used Zoom before? No problem. Please reach out to and we are happy to support you.

Register Here: 


Mentorship Programs

Living with a limb difference is different. We are able to adapt, and find ways to support ourselves and also may find support in others as well (that's ok!) You are not alone in this journey.


The Limb Difference Foundation has mentorship programs for: 


  • Teens to connect to teens

  • Parents to connect with other parents with limb differences

  • Parents to connect with adults with limb differences

  • and more...


Limb Difference In-Person Meetups

The Limb Difference Foundation offers in-person meetups as well. Recently, a group of adults went to Las Vegas and met others like us for the very first time. We hope to offer more in-person meetups soon!

Limb Difference Resources/Recommendation Gadgets

One of the greatest things we learned from our Zoom spaces is that there are SO many tools out there to support our limbs and help make our lives just a little bit easier. Below, you will see tools for our limb different community by our limb different community. The Limb Difference Resources and Gadgets are suggested by those living with limb differences. 


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